Website Development

I developed this website using the Bootstrap 4 framework.
The vertical tab pane set-up used in the Projects page was developed from this code snippet at the Bootstrapious website.
The dark and light theme implementation based on the OS preferences, user preference and the toggle switch was done by using code from this blogpost by Koos Looijesteijn.
The collaborator network was created using SigmaJS and with the help of this guide.
I designed this website after taking a fantastic set of courses on Web Design in Courseera.

P.S: The carousel on the Interests page has accessibility issues and I'm working on an alternative implementation for the same.

Images and Illustrations

The portrait photograph of myself in the About page was taken as a group effort during the Shoot for Science photography workshop.
All the photographs in the Projects page were taken by myself and remain under copyright with all rights reserved. Do let me know if you want to use any of these for academic purposes and I will freely lend it to you.
All the illustrations in this website, including on the landing page and the Interests page were made by myself. They are under copyright with all rights reserved.
The typographic logo in the navigation bar at the top left corner was also created by me. The logo represents the text Ebi represented as 'a bee', get it?
If you can't see it in the version of the website you are viewing, switch to a mobile or a larger screen desktop
The twitter and email icons used in the navigation bar, the download icon in the about page, as well as the icons used in the publications page buttons are from Font Awesome.

Beta Testers

I have had a fantastic bunch of beta testers give me feedback on this website. They include:
Ankit Bhargava, Chaitra Prabhakaran, Harsh Ranjan, Jaya Srivastava, Jyothi V Nair, Prarthona Saha, Pritha Ghosh, Rahul Ghosh, Rohit Suratekar, Sahana Sitaraman, Shayan Saha, Snehal Karpe, Sreekrishna Varma and Sruthi Unnikrishnan