Publication List

The following is the list of publications on which I'm an author (* indicates the corresponding author in each publication).
They can be accessed either through the respective journal's website, the bioRxiv link (these will be versions before peer review), or by emailing me. In addition, you can also access the supplementary material as well as the associated datasets.


Environment-dependent benefits of interindividual variation in honey bee recruitment
Supraja Rajagopal, Axel Brockmann, Ebi Antony George *

Animal Behaviour bioRxiv Supplementary Material Dataset Code Email


Distance estimation by Asian honey bees in two visually different landscapes
Ebi Antony George *, Neethu Thulasi, Patrick L. Kohl, Sachin Suresh, Benjamin Rutschmann, Axel Brockmann

Journal of Experimental Biology bioRxiv Supplementary Material Dataset Code Email


Similarities in the behaviour of dance followers among honey bee species suggest a conserved mechanism of dance communication
Ebi Antony George *, Smruti Pimplikar, Neethu Thulasi, Axel Brockmann

Animal Behaviour bioRxiv Supplementary Material Dataset Email

Adaptive evolution of honeybee dance dialects
Patrick L. Kohl *, Neethu Thulasi, Benjamin Rutschmann, Ebi Antony George, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Axel Brockmann
doi: 10.1098/rspb.2020.0190

Proceedings of the Royal Society B Supplementary Material Dataset Email


Honey bees flexibly use two navigational memories when updating dance distance information
Arumoy Chatterjee, Ebi Antony George, Prabhudev M. V., Pallab Basu, Axel Brockmann *
doi: 10.1242/jeb.195099

Journal of Experimental Biology bioRxiv Supplementary Material Dataset Email

Inter‐individual variation in honey bee dance intensity correlates with expression of the foraging gene
Ebi Antony George *, Ann‐Kathrin Bröger, Markus Thamm, Axel Brockmann, Ricarda Scheiner
doi: 10.1111/gbb.12592

Genes, Brain and Behavior Supplementary Material Dataset Email

Social modulation of individual differences in dance communication in honey bees
Ebi Antony George *, Axel Brockmann
doi: 10.1007/s00265-019-2649-0

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobology bioRxiv Supplementary Material Dataset Email


You can also access my thesis "Individual and social mechanisms regulating the dance activity within honey bee forager groups" submitted to the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - National Centre for Biological Sciences.
Some of the thesis chapters are still unpublished, but should be submitted for peer-review soon!.