Research Interest

I am broadly interested in understanding the processes driving individual and collective decisions in social groups. Specifically, I am fascinated by the interplay between social interactions and individual and collective decisions. At the individual level, I am intrigued by how members of a group integrate social and environmental signals and cues into their decision-making process. I'm also interested in how these decisions can modulate the group’s collective response and how this change in response at the group level feeds back into the individual’s behaviour.

Currently, I'm a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Laurent Keller's group at the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne.

Research Approach

My experimental approach involves:

Magnifying glass over multiple bees


of behaviour at the group and individual level

Manipulating food sources and individual bees


of external and social factors in groups

The projects I undertake, inspired by Tinbergen's four questions, are characterised by:

Multiple approaches to the same question


research, combining behaviour, mechanisms and simulations

Multiple people working on the same question


research, bringing together expertise in different fields

Going ahead, I'm interested in working on diverse social groups and utilising newly developed tools like:

Posture estimation of individual bee


tools like automated behavioural posture estimation

Interaction network of multiple bees


of sensory interactions amongst individuals


Making science accessible to the public is something I'm very passionate about. I co-founded an online platform ScienceOut to focus on stories of science done by scientists in India. The main idea behind the platform is to provide an inclusive coverage of the diverse voices in Indian academia, by not only highlighting research stories (in english and regional languages), but also the early career researchers (ECRs) behind some of these stories. You can read my articles and the interviews I have done for free on the platform.

Animal Behaviour Live

I'm also equally interested in making the process of research inclusive. I have joined up with a fantastic team of ECRs from across the globe as part of the Animal Behaviour Live platform. We are using this platform to organise events in our field of animal behaviour with inclusivity and accessibility at it's core. This includes round tables on inclusivity, a seminar series highlighting research in animal behaviour from across the globe (and in which PIs and ECRs have the chance to jointly present their work) and an online conference. The 2020 edition of the ABL Annual Online Conference had 1400+ registered participants (from 52 countries), with 65% self-identified as ECRs and 66% self-identified as females.

Still here?! If you are interested, you can check out some more details of my background